Multi-Award winning Technology Solutions Provider, FUSIONEX is the new partner of FPX #MYCYBERSALE sixth sale and the first-ever #MYCYBERSALE ASIA. 

According to Fusionex CEO Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh, FUSIONEX hopes to guide merchants through an easy-to-use, robust and flexible platform. They also aim to reach out to more customers and sales through this tech.

He said that FUSIONEX’s technology and software hope that the e-commerce industry would flourish businesses and the business itself.

FUSIONEX was chosen for the most massive online sale in Malaysia, #FPX MYCYBERSALE 2019, as the Pinnacle Technology Partner.

Their technology aims to help facilitate the annual sale to help expand the borders of the online sale. They aim to boost regional e-commerce with #MYCYBERSALE ASIA.

The #MYCYBERSALE events aim to help support businesses, especially with consumer’s need for a more modern style of things. 

Going Beyond Borders

The 2019 online sale is targeting g their neighboring countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan. 

This year’s sale is going outside the walls of Malaysia as they target Asian economies, including Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia. With Taiwan joining as the first Regional Partner, organizers will be opening #MYCYBERSALE ASIA.

The event will open simultaneously with FPX #MYCYBERSALE 2019 from September 27th to October 3rd, with the help of FUSIONEX.

Both events will offer a massive selection of products and goods exclusively for registered participants. The products include exclusive deals for shoppers to enjoy freely.

The National Technology Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) organized both events, backed up by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), with FUSIONEX as their official technology solutions support partner. 

Through FUSIONEX, online payment providers, Title Partner PayNet, and operator of FPX are now available.

Multi-Award Winning FUSIONEX

FUSIONEX is a well-established multi-award winning data technology provider that specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, IR 4.0, and Big Data. 

FUSIONEX is the largest Nig Data Analytics company in ASEAN, as well as the market leader. They are focused on helping businesses derive insights and unlock value from data by bringing state-of-the-art, innovative, and breakthrough data-driven platforms.