When Is The Best Time To Visit Canada

Planning a visit to the world’s second largest country is something you should never skip out on during your lifetime. From its diverse key cities to its marvelous natural wonders, a trip to Canada is something everyone from all ages will enjoy. But before you go ahead and apply for your visum Kanada or Canadian visa, take a look at these tips on when would be the best time to visit.


Best Time to Travel based on Climate

If you think that Canada has a similar climate throughout the country, you’re thinking wrong. As vast and wide Canada is, its climate situation is also different within its regions. For instance, Montreal is extremely cold and near freezing during the start of December, while a Vancouver winter rarely sees snow. Visiting from January to February inevitably means winter, and in some cities, it can extend to April. Summer usually is experienced by June, so you will experience high humidity and hot weather. In the northern parts, you can even experience daylight as long as 17 to 20 hours!


Best Time to Travel to the Canadian East Coast

Also known as Atlantic Canada, this group comprises Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Labrador. Tourists are around through the four seasons, but summer is a top choice. If you’re not a fan of crowds, visiting during the fall would be great, too!


Best Time to Go to Montreal

The perfect time to go on a trip to Montreal is from May to June or September to October, mainly because though the summers are beautiful, accommodation and attraction prices are very costly. You can visit during the Osheaga Music Festival in August or Igloofest Music Festival in January for unique musical experiences.


Best Time to Go to Ontario

Ontario is quite unpredictable in terms of weather, so it is quite exciting to visit. A perfect season to choose is autumn, because of the beautiful foliage and the wine countries come alive for the harvest season. Winters are also a wise choice for snow sports lovers like skiing and snowmobiling.


Best Time to Visit Calgary

Calgary is usually better to visit in the summer or at any time from May to September. You should also choose to go during the Calgary Stampede. This happens in July and is packed with western-inspired events like rodeos.


All the Time is the Best Time

Canada has something to offer every time of the year. With activities for every season, you can find something to enjoy in this beautiful country. There are many more cities and provinces we have yet to mention, so it helps to do your research for fun and unique activities to experience. Hurry and apply for a visum Kanada for the adventure of a lifetime!


10 Best Places to Spend your Night in Toronto

When you have a visum kanada, and you plan to go there, you might as well check for places to visit, especially at night. In the streets of downtown, King and Queen West and Yorkville are where you could find these places where you can chill out and relax on a weekend night at Toronto. Below are the following:

1. Everything For Sale (EFS) Nightclub

Located at King West, this modern, loft-style, leather King and Bathurst nightclub is often visited by people. The 5,000-square-foot bar sees Bay Street and includes a 2,500-square-foot rooftop patio where you can relax and meet new friends.


2. Lost and Found

With the sign, “Not all who wander are lost,” this bar has attracted several celebrities and A-list Toronto tourists. Here, you can find hipsters, and young professionals hitting on new hip-hop and trap soundtracks.


3. Mister C. Bar Room

Thinking of going into a bar room with a silent atmosphere? With velvet flock wallpaper and a gold-trimmed room, you can enjoy Japanese-Korean menus and order some drinks while relaxing at the Bisha Hotel Toronto’s luxury bar.


4. Bar Chef

Located at the street of Queen West, the drinks in this bar are served by the top mixologists in Canada. The menu includes a long list of drinks varying from house-made and classic cocktail drinks to absinthe, bottle-aged drinks, in-house infusions, and fine spirits.


5. Jazz and Blues Bar in The Rex Hotel

The Rex has been booking jazz bands since the 1980s—from jazz legends to local jazz artists and talented youngsters. Although this place is still a hotel, it is best known for its working-class origin bar.


6. Alobar Yorkville

This place, located at a little courtyard in Yorkville, is good for having a drink or two and some snacks with a hint of fine-dining vibe.


7. The Mod Club in Little Italy

As a nightclub and concert hall since 2002, the club hosts concerts, music festival showcase events and DJ nights weekly with a variety of genres in music.


8. The Carbon Bar

This bar combines black-leather banquettes with red-leather chairs, offers good choices in drinks and not-so-loud indie music, which people come and relax into.


9. The Rooftop

The glass cube rooftop of the Broadview Hotel provides for an indoor-outdoor space with an amazing view from all directions. With this view and a sip on Aperol spritzes, rum punches or a pitcher of Negronis, what more can you ask for?


10. Pinkerton Snack Bar

This snack bar entices downtowners with its good food, perfect cocktails, and nineties rock music. A good number of wines and cask beer are also available.

Canadian Street Food

The Best Canadian Street Food And Where To Find Them

Street Foods are usually common in countries of Asia, but there are street food markets known in Canada as well. Get a chance to taste the delectable street foods by getting your visum kanada. You wouldn’t want to miss this!

Richmond Night Market In Vancouver

Having the reputation of being the largest night market in North America, Richmond Night Market had the highest number of visitors just for the year 2016. Why? Because their food stalls offer variability and variety. From Asian-inspired meals to bubble waffles for dessert, tourists are always winning in terms of taste. There are also carnival games, live performances, and a magical Dino park to keep you entertained.

Market 707 In Toronto

You must visit this local food market because of its unique origin and system. Per day, the management shuffles ten local sellers, which gives different tourists different food experiences. They operate from Tuesday to Saturday (spring to fall). Starting from refurbished containers, they now occupy a sidewalk patio. Also, don’t forget to check their retail outlets.

First Fridays In Montreal

Since food trucks are a thing nowadays, visit Montreal to experience North America’s largest food truck gathering. All vehicles will start parking on the Esplanade Financiere Sun Life every first Friday of the month. Food choices range from lobster rolls, desserts, burgers, etc. among the food chaos, you’ll find local bands and DJs to keep the energy going.

Night It Up! In Markham, Greater Toronto Area

Night It Up! serves locals and tourists who crave the taste of Asian cuisine. They purposely design their stalls to look like and resemble night markets (like Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, etc.). What makes this a beautiful place to be in, is knowing that they donate a portion of their proceeds to communities in need, as well as local organizations.

Truck-Side In Halifax

Do you want to experience the fun of eating from food trucks but aren’t ready to commit when the weather isn’t right? Truck-Side gives you an enjoyable experience without the worry of having bad weather rain on your food parade. They operate all year round, which is perfect for tourists who are not able to follow food truck schedules.

Don’t miss out on all the flavorful adventures and apply for visum kanada. Imagine all the delicious food and drinks you’d get to try when you visit Canada. You won’t regret any of it.