Canadian Culture

Interesting Facts About Canadian Culture

While Canada attracts many tourists because of its riveting natural scenery, Canada also charms many people due to its diverse and fascinating culture. The country has a fantastic history that gave distinct characteristics to its customs and traditions. To know more about it, these are five interesting facts about Canadian culture:

Canadians are very apologetic.

One of the most common stereotypes about Canadians is that they say sorry a lot. This custom can be odd at first, especially for tourists but, it is always charming and welcoming to meet people apologizing to you, although it was obviously not their fault. What surprising is that they even have an Apology Act, to clarify that an apology is a sympathetic expression and not an admission of guilt.

Canadians are polite.

Canadians are naturally polite. This characteristic can be very noticeable in public places like the grocery store and bus stations. A good Canadian practice is that they always keep your position behind meaning the first to arrive and wait the longest time gets on first. Remember, when you go to Canada, make sure to line up if that isn’t what you are used to doing yet.

Canadians love hockey.

While the Canadians have a friendly and peaceful nature, it’s ironic that they are obsessed with one of the most brutal sports on the face of Earth – hockey. They have an extreme passion for this activity – it is their national sport in winter.

Canadians are multicultural.

Most people assume that the majority of the Canadians came from France or England, when in fact, they come from almost all over the planet. In Toronto alone, around 140 languages are spoken, and approximately 50% of the entire population of Canada was born from other nations – proving Canada’s vast diversity.

Canada prioritizes safety.

Due to the Canadians’ innate peaceful nature, Canada has become one of the countries with the lowest crime rate in the world. If you’re a tourist looking for a safe and secure nation to visit, secure that Canada visa eta quickly and head straight to this country.

These are only a few of the evident practices intrinsic to Canadian culture. Remember, it is best to experience a nation’s culture on a personal standpoint. Visit the country and discover more amazing things about Canadians!