All The Activities You Can Do At Washington D.C


Who says Washington D.C. is only suitable for educational school field trips? Contrary to what most people think, esta 申請 gives a new perspective by showcasing different activities for your family. This article will shed light on the endless activities Washington has in store for everyone!

Children’s Tours

You don’t have to worry because this is free of charge (as most activities are). To keep them entertained, employees have prepared an itinerary that will surely keep the kids on their feet. They can start by visiting mountains and memorials, running around and playing around Mount Vernon, letting them watch a money factory, and trying out the paddle boats at the Tidal Basin. However, if you still want to further your bonding, Foot Kids Tours offer additional places to visit and activities you and the whole family can do.

Nighttime Tours

WashingtonThis one is for the older members of the family. Washington, D.C is also known for the night time activities it gives the tourists. Try visiting monuments and memorials as it would provide a different vibe and ambiance to it. Or you could try and watch a performance at the Kennedy Center (again, this is free!). Night tours don’t only focus on Washington D.C. museums, but also other sites and places you can enjoy.

Visit Downtown D.C

What’s in Downtown D.C.? You’ll find the White House. Almost everyone knows that if you step foot in Washington, you better step foot at the White House as well. But that’s not all. Downtown D.C. boasts of the following attractions: the Ford Theatre, Chinatown, The National Geographic Museum, Crime Museum, and the celebrity-filled Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

Smithsonian Museums

Although it would probably take you more than a day to fully explore the different museums, it’s still worth a try. The three most popular are the Air Museum, American History Museum, and the Natural History Museum. Although you have to pay, the International Spy Museum will surely be a favorite among the children and the adults.

Arlington National Cemetery

It is essential to let your children know about the heroes who fought for the freedom of the country. While taking a stroll in one of the most honored military cemeteries, take a while to appreciate the 400,000 buried soldiers (both known and unknown) and also witness the Changing of the Guard Ceremony.

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